Aveda Specials

Something special awaits you at Aveda. Something that's just meant for you, something that your body desires. There's a speciality spa package, that's just right for you. Each of the treatments here will leave you enlivened and recharged.




Discover the wonder of water. You have always enjoyed immersing in water, and discovering how it magically calms troubled emotions, eases muscle tension and lifts the spirit. Now, multiply that wonderful feeling several times, over and the result is what you feel after a Hydrotherapy treatment. These treatments come highly recommended for anyone seeking complete relaxation of the body. Hydrotherapy treatments initiates increase in blood and lymph circulation, strengthens your immune system, improves your metabolism and detoxifies your body.

Hot Stone Massage

  A Hot Stone Massage is something everyone can enjoy. The stones that we use are pure, clean "river rocks." They're very smooth, from decades of river current rushing over them. The stones are basalt, which is rich in iron, so the stones retain heat well. They're about the size of a large flattened egg. Before your massage, the stones are immersed in a warm bath 'til they're within a warm but not-too-warm range. We also use botanical oils that are gently warmed for your comfort. The Hot Stone Massage is then ready to begin.  

A Hot Stone Massage is a great option for those who suffer from poor circulation and arthritis pain. It's also especially helpful to people who tend to get chilled easily or have cold feet and hands.

Foam Bath

    Get away from everyday routine – and into the pleasures of bathing. Dive into the wonderful pampering world of Aveda. Close your eyes as you enjoy the unique fragrances and the pleasantly rich foam that leaves your skin tenderly caressed. Discover the secret of beautifully radiant skin!