Body Endevelopment

Aveda aims to bring you wellness with the goodness of nature. Each and every scrub and wrap has been especially created to detoxify your body, while nourishing it with vitamin and mineral enriched formulations. Most of the scrubs come blended with seasonal fruits that moisturize and refresh your skin along with removing toxins. While the natural fruit acids cleanse your body to reveal a beautiful glowing complexion, the heady aromas are sure to guide your senses onto the road of wellbeing even before the therapy begins

We offer various combinations of Body Scrub and Body Wrap to provide you with a service that best fits your every need.


Neem Leaf Body Wrap


Locally grown neem leaves have therapeutic properties. They are made into a mask on the body. It detoxifies, invigorates and reduces blemishes, leaving the skin clear and silky smooth.

Aloe Hydrating Wrap


Locally grown aloe combined with essential oils and moisturizers which soothe, restore and re-hydrate skin, leaving it satin, silky smooth.


Dead Sea Mud Wrap


Using an ancient mud that re-mineralizes, exfoliates and detoxifies the body, leaving you revitalized, refined and rejuvenate

Caribbean Sea Weed Body Wrap


A quick way to replenish the body with minerals. Traditionally, seaweed is used the exfoliation process because it is most natural and does not deposit impurities into the skin cells and pores. Seaweed wrap helps to detoxify the body is through the sweating process that helps to eliminate impurities from the body.


Honey and Cow Milk Body Wrap


This wrap is a great way to help with sensitive, dry skin. We soak our wraps in a blend of minerals, botanicals, pure local honey, and whole Cow milk, and then apply it to the body. The milk and honey moisturizes and nourishes leaving skin silky and smooth.


Sea Salt Glow


Using sea salt from Salt Island the body is completely exfoliated. This invigorating treatment is finished with a moisturizing massage.


Oriental Rice and Oatmeal


A traditional home recipe that polishes, hydrates and nourishes the skin leaving it soft ads silk. This gentle and natural moisturizing body polish made from anti- oxidant rich and cooling organic rice blended in with the fiber rich oatmeal which is well known for its hydrating and nutritive properties, suitable for all skin types


Apricot and lemongrass Scrub


Apricot, the well known age retardant of the Hunza people. The beta carotene, minerals and other plant compounds from this high ranges fruit seep into the skin and triggers cellular maintenance and renewal. Lemongrass perfectly complements apricot with its antiseptic and mood elevating properties


Coffee Polish


Re- invigorate the senses with this exfoliation ritual. This therapy captures the mystery of the ancient Arabic coffee where cooling lentil powder is used to temper the heat of handpicked finely ground aromatic coffee. You will instantly feel the increased circulation and the smoothness of the skin.


De- toxifying Ayurvedic Body polish


When combined with an Ayurveda lifestyle, this therapeutic body scrub improves the elimination of metabolites and excess water retained in the body. This improves blood circulation and enhances overall health of the skin.