Hydro Quench

At Aveda, each experience will be a journey of the senses, where the timeless and transformative power of water is present the moment guests walk through the door.Reminiscent of the glorious baths of ayurveda, Aveda's Baths create vibrant gathering spaces that highlight the healing power of water


Wine Bath


Wine grapes contain natural antioxidants called polyphenols that exfoliate, detoxify, cool inflammation, and soften and repair damaged skin. In this therapy, warm Jacuzzi bath is filled with grape residue and essential oils.

Mangal snan -Rose petal and Milk Bath


For all skin types, this romantic spa experience creates harmony and unforgettably relaxation . it soothes the emotions whilst softening and nourishing your skin. Leaving it feeling silky smooth and lightly scented with classic floral fragrance.


Water Bath


Water Therapy is a wonderful source of pleasure and is very relaxing and rejuvenating. Aveda features jetted hot tubs located in our massage therapy rooms. This massaging bath combines efficiency with well-being. It gives you the benefits of active elements associated with massaging, vivifying jets. While relaxing in this bath let your body be energized and your metabolism be stimulated. This bath is calming and also helps to lift the spirits.

Foam Bath


Get away from everyday routine – and into the pleasures of bathing. Dive into the wonderful pampering world of Aveda. Close your eyes as you enjoy the unique fragrances and the pleasantly rich foam that leaves your skin tenderly caressed. Discover the secret of beautifully radiant skin!