Wellness Thearapies

This being said, in stressful and busy times we begin to feel the toll it takes on our bodies, minds and spirits. We begin to feel tired, run down, energy just will not keep up to our needs. Our bodies, minds and spirits become stagnant and are immune system which is not an organ but a response, starts to break down. With our Wellness Therapies,you will begin to address your concerns and rebuild and replenish yourself so you can handle challenges that we face everyday with family, careers and outside interests.


Foot Reflexology


The body’s nerves end in the hands and feet. Applying pressure to points on the feet will relax the nerves, thus aiding the body to heal its imbalances and aid recovery.

Reiki Healing


Transmitting cosmic energy through the therapist, working on the body’s energy points (Chakra’s) . this energizes and balances the energy flow.


One to One Yoga


A personalized session, tailor-made to your needs, for improving concentration, Physical and Mental fitness, pain relief, to help control diabetes and more.



Balances the haphazard flow of energy (chi) through the meridians. This is especially effective for pain and insomnia and will be tailored to meet your particular needs.


Aveda Ultimate Wellness Ritual


Prepare yourself for journey of absolution, peace and tranquility to experience balance of mind, body and spirit. You will experience the innate power of the nature to rejuvenate, de-stress and detoxify your Body and Mind. This blissful experience combines the Reiki, stimulation of trigger points, visualization techniques, aroma therapy, and breath awareness to bring about balanced state of Body and Mind together.

Zen Meditation


Zen meditation is the technique which gradually takes us to the state of absolute stillness and emptiness. Our trained Instructor will lead you.


Ayurvedic Spice Poultice


Kizhi is known worldwide as the ayurvedic potali or bun therapy. This therapy involves a full body massage followed by compress with buns of medicinal herbs dipped in warm oil.

Diet and Nutritional Counseling


Diet is the first line of defense against illness and is a powerful tool for sustained health, recovery and positive mental attitudes .Our Diet Counselor will prepare personalized Diet Chart and suggest lifestyle modifications to meet your requirements.